Why use Xero

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We love Xero and how it is revolutionising the way small businesses operate.

There are many reasons why we think it’s great, but here are our top ten reasons, in no particular order, why we think you will love it too:

  1. It’s online, so you can access it anytime, from anywhere that has an internet connection. You can even access it from your smart phone or pads using the Mobile app which is free to download. Updates are automatic so there is no need for downtime whilst you wait for update discs to install on all your machines.
  1. The Dashboard function allows you see how much money is in the bank, what’s due to come in and what’ due to go out as soon as you log in so you know your position right away.
  1. Bank statements feed directly into Xero from your online banking so you can see straight away how much money you have.
  1. Bespoke invoices can be generated and emailed out quickly, speeding up your cash flows. You can create repeating invoices to be sent automatically at intervals you choose so you never have to worry about monthly invoices being created or sent.  You can even use SmartLists to generate an invoice that you want to be sent to multiple customers all at the same time.
  1. There is file storage space included in the price, so you can upload your purchase invoices rather than have floor to ceiling folders full of paperwork. You can also had spreadsheets, scanned documents, purchase orders or anything else you want to save and be able to access from anywhere.
  1. Up to 60 customer statements at a time can be sent via email at the click of a button, making it easy to chase money owed to you, plus saves you on the time, stationery and postage that normal statement runs involve.
  1. Your VAT Return updates in real time so you can keep a check on what’s owing as you go along to avoid any nasty surprises. It can also be filed with HMRC directly through the software and you receive a confirmation that it has been processed by HMRC.
  1. Unlimited users can log in to the software without the need for costly extra licences, and User Settings will allow to set exactly who in your organisation can access what features.
  1. There is a brilliant Help Centre with articles on how to do everything in Xero and tutorial videos demonstrating how to do the basics, as well as unlimited email support, all included at no additional cost.
  1. Expense claims can suddenly become very quick and easy for you and your team if they use the App to photograph receipts as they are out and about and upload them directly into the system, ready for you to approve, saving the need to check the traditional spreadsheet with receipts attached.
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